Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Twilight Zone......

What do you get when you cross something I adore (makeup) with something that....I am starting to take an interest in (The Twilight Saga)?....You get a make-up range that is (and this pun is really NOT intended) to die for, that's what!
Delicious Femme Fatal lip-gloss colors: my personal faves are '53 Chevy, Myth (shown) & Drizzle.

And with mascaras, eyeshadows, body mists, eyelid primers, lip venoms, no lip pencils/liners though (unhappy face)...and a fragrance (that I shall hold off from commenting on until I have smelt it), I am fast wishing that Halloween was not over! Cute packaging too..although not a word synonimous with Twilight. I think 'fierce' is more fitting.

And a post about Twilight (a most unlikely topic for me) would not be complete without 2 of the stars themselves in glorious technicolor!

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