Thursday, November 17, 2011

A 28-Day Passage To India

 Starting Portugal/Amsterdam to London in June two thousand and twelve, the first port of call is Chennai and here there is the chance to wander around the museums, the gardens of the Theosophical Society and the temples. My ears prick up when at this point I see there is an oppurtunity to have an Ayurvedic massage. Great idea - travellers like myself need to be threatened with some hope of a Spa treatment early on into ANY trip!
The journey will continue to the temple towns of Tamil Nadu, the Chettinad District, and the Hindu Pilgrimage City of Madurai.

At this juncture I must stress that the mode of transport turns to a mini-bus and train...I can only assume that a more luxurious transportation device would not cope in such terrain let alone reach the Shiva town Thiruvannamalai, but...when in....Rome I suppose.

Well into week 2 of the trip, time is flying but you my dear traveller are not....once you leave the silk saree town of Kanchipuramit there is a further mini-bus and train ride to Mysore. Fear not though,  the sights and sounds are worth it. To Sirsi via Belur and Hospet via Banawasi to see the ruined city of Hampi the tour does not stop there..the Chalukya temples of Badami and Aihole, an afternoon train to Solapur and then onto Mumbai where (among other things) shopping is on the menu. A chance to buy a change of attire for the cave temple at Elephanta Island maybe.

And as if by magic day 28 sees flights back home. Cameras are full of  the exotic. Experiences are a flush with culture, and by all accounts your suitcase should be full(er) of memories of this once in a lifetime trip.

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