Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Um bom Dia das Bruxas!

If it were a day for giving gifts, I'd be dreaming of..............

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Happy Hallowe'en stylistas!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Back.................

 I love the official end of Summer. It's quieter, cooler and even though the leaves are still green here, the sun (which is still shining by the way) is lower in the sky, and the autumnal colors are making their way through.

As the longer candle-lit nights draw in - let your warm and cozy glamor stand out!

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Happy Fall, fashionistas!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Stylista: Georgina Chapman

As I have missed yet ANOTHER Friday fashionista, this weeks choice has been given her own Saturday slot. And I think it suits way better..........
From casual-chic to all out glamor, Georgina NEVER fails to shine. Here's a look at the expert and the queen of glamfab'n'pretty.

And as if the gowns are not breath-taking enough, Georgina's amaze closet has surely been designed to melt our girly hearts.

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Happy Glam-Weekend Fashionistas

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Investigating Interiors Series: Bedrooms

It seems fitting to start this series off with a room that I probably spend most of my time in. It is called beauty sleep for a reason after all, and apparently it does happen overnight.  Different styles, but all with one thing in common........glamorous as hell and all rooms that I would be very happy to lay my head.

Images c/o: Pinterest, Lonny Mag, CentsationalGirl, Chiccoles, Gary Riggs, Viciously Cyd, ZsaZsaBellagio
Sweet Dreams


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TeeTwo Series: Tried & Tested - Decléor

It's no secret that I am a self proclaimed beauty fanatic, so imagine (and this was COMPLETELY out of the blue), my sheer delight, when I had the chance last Saturday, to try an Estrela Facial using the Decléor Anti-Aging Range, because *whisper* (I am no longer in my 20s or indeed 30s) but due to never loosing sight of the 'prevention is better than cure' mantra, to coin a phrase - 'it is only younger I'm gettin'.

The order of products used:

  • Aroma Cleanse
  • Crème Gommante Phytopeel 
  • Revitalizant Iris Serum (for drainage)
  • Iris Rejuvenating Night Balm (used in the massage and under the mask)
  • Excellance de l'Âge
And not forgetting the lips & eyes
  • Masque yeux et levres - Hydra Floral Masque Hydrante (for all skin types)
While the mask is 'working', I am offered the option of either a hand, foot or head massage - I opted for feet, and I was not disappointed! To be honest - either one would have been a treat.

All products are removed and to finish 
  • Crème Sublime Regenerante
For those who haven't been 'sold' on Decléor, I urge you to try a facial. This one was tailor made for my skin type and needs. I had, in the past, thought the products too heavily scented and a little thicker in consistency than I prefer but I have been pleasantly surprised with this range...and I like that. Like with all skin care brands we do tend to try and test many before we settle on one that suits us, not to mention the number of us who are STILL using the WRONG product. It does take a detailed 'investigation' from our beauty therapist/consultant otherwise it can be a mine-field.

One thing I will say is that my skin care regime does need to include extractions which this 'taster'  Estrela facial did not include. If it had, I'd be giving the treatment 5 out of 5, instead I will be giving it a 4!

My skins texture and appearance has changed on cue with the changing of the season. It has now been revived, stimulated from the massage, is smoother and I am ready to tackle the harsh outdoor elements.

The Estrela Facial is available at Estrela Health & Beauty, Estrela da Luz, Praia da Luz, Portugal and costs €45
Tel: +351 282 771 200 to make an appointment

The Decléor products on the other hand are available in salons worldwide and online


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Powder Bubble Boy Series: ......Rylan Clark

He's got his haters, and a substantial amount of people who love him (X Factor telephone voters to name but a few). Through to another week of live shows I am waiting on baited breath for the next fashion/unfashion statement.

But for now, a look at what has gone by so far.

But let's not forget where and how it all began.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Moda Beleza....Mondays Friday Fashionista

What's a girl to do when the internet connection is in major fail mode? Push Friday's planned fashionista post up to Monday of course!

Love her or hate her, or if you just 'ain't feelin' it' .......I have to give my girl Kim K (in my best NYC accent)...a heeeyyyyyyyy! Some of what she wears....I dig...big time! For example..........................

Then of course there is the hair-stylin'...............................................................................

Nuff said, I think!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A d R for H & M

 Revealed over a month ago, and available (sadly not in the Algarve) since the start of October, Anna dello Russo, H & M's latest 'designer'/creative consultant/Vogue Editor-at-Large collaboration, has put a 'ghetto-bling' stamp on the newest of their accessories collections.

The usual queues formed outside the selected stores long before the early bird had caught his worm. A time limit was out put on each and every shopper as was a wrist band making even the most seasoned of fashionistas feel a tad under pressure. When did shopping become SO stressful!


Was it worth the wait? I shall let you decide. It got mixed (general public) reviews. I would not have said 'no' to the luggage or clutch bags as pictured above though. But hey, you're not going to please everyone, Anna.

Next co-lab: Maison Martin Margiela 

Imagens cortesia: Vogue Portugal & Google Images