Saturday, June 30, 2012

Product Review: Eye Cream: Night

Before now I was not a fan of applying cream to the eye area at night. I live in fear of the puffy morning eye look.
The Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Rides Eyes Contour Treatment is none of the above and a whole lot more. Lighter in texture and color than its day version, it felt almost like a gel. Application was easy, and the product absorbed into my skin beautifully, drying to a matte finish. Perfect just before bed. I slept knowing that it was getting to work immediately, and my fear of tired puffy eyes - gone! Lovely smell too. A definite 'must-have' for a youthful & refreshed look.

My product of the week goes to: TIMEXPERT RIDES EYES CONTOUR TREATMENT - Night & Day


Friday, June 29, 2012

Product Review: Eye Contour Treatment - Night & Day

So, I finally got to try my Germaine de Capuccini Time Expert Eye Contour Treatment (Day). Better late than never, right.

 Apart from the light & luscious texture, instant absorption and easy application, this treatment cream has by far the most beautiful in smell that I have ever experienced and by no means overpowering, on the contrary - it's actually very soothing. How dare Spain and Italy keep this from me? And thank goodness I met beauty therapist, Sofya Rosher at an abcMallorca luncheon at The Hilton one hot and sunny day earlier this month. And as if by telepathy she has the vision to bring along some delicious samples of these beauty products.
I have 'threatened' to visit Sofya for a facial, who not only works out of a salon in Santa Ponsa, but will do custom home visits too.....can you imagine anything more devine? Her wonderful talents are not just confined to facials though, Sofya also does manis, pedis, massage and depilation to name but a few.

How can she top that I hear you ask - well Sofya also uses the Babor product line from Germany which dates back to 1956 and whos success lies in its holistic concept.  And Valmount, the Swiss skin care experts. If you want to fight against the visible signs of skin aging - you have come to the right place and will be in very good hands.

I shall be reviewing these product lines at a later date. For now, the mission if I choose to accept it is to try the 2nd half of my eye treatment (NIGHT). Pearls of wisdom tomorrow  beauties (and I really do mean tomorrow this time!)

Boa noite!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Product Review: Serum & Eye-Brightening Concentrate

Third in my Kiehl's product review, I think I can safely say that it is by far the best one. And when you get to my age (early 40's), ANY product that reduces lines and brightens the eye area makes me sit up and pay attention.
First up, the serum. We are experiencing an intense heat-wave in the Algarve at the moment, so moisturizing creams & lotions are a little on the heavy side for my skin. The Açaí Damage-Repairing Serum (50ml rrp €43)  makes for a very nice alternative, and can be used alone or under your regular moisturizer. I'll reserve the latter for the Winter months when I need it more.

Dispense a pea sized amount onto the upper side of your hand and dab onto the face using your fingertips, massage and watch as it absorbs into the skin leaving a smooth finish. In keeping with the moisturizer it is ever so slightly fragranced, and with continued use it evens out the skin tone, makes it more radiant with an  improvement in texture and elasticity. I simply cannot wait to try the other 2 products in the range. Active ingredient in all: the organic anti-oxidant Açaí Berry, hence the name.

So, prevention is better than cure, right? I have decided that wrinkles and lines will NOT be getting so much as a look in on my face, thank you very much. Part of my regime since I turned 30, I have tried many an eye-cream. Kiehl's Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate (15ml rrp €30) is by far the best. Thicker by comparison, but I liked that. You don't need much and it wasn't sloppy or slippery on application. It almost feels like it is doing the job instantly. Fragrance-free and not irritating to the delicate eye area. I shall continue with this product until I run out, and then I shall buy some more. Do I want to look 40 when I am 60? Yes. It's hard to do a before and after when you've not got lines or wrinkles to work on (genetics are a great thing), but the eye-brightening part of it will be interesting, even my Afro-Caribbean skin can do with some brightening up - I'll be doing a follow up in a week.

And following on with the 'eye' theme, tomorrow I shall be test-driving Spain and Italy's no.1 skin care range, Germaine de Capuccini in the form of Eye Contour Treatment Night & Day/ Tratamiento Contorno Ojos Día y Noche

An eye cream for the bedside locker was never so full..................

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Product Review: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

I was very much looking forward to todays beauty review. I did however,  have to commit a mortal sin: using 2 products from different lines. The sales rep very kindly gave us a few samples, and hey, one must improvise.
So, after a facial cleanse (non-Kiehl's), on went the toner: Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner (250ml rrp €21) to be precise. Refreshing, (green in color), and a light delicate smell, my skin felt matte dry and looked really clean. There was very little residue on the cotton wool pad (thumbs up to the cleanser I think), what little there was - wiped clean away! And the alcohol-free version: great for my skin, great for any skin type I would think. No stinging or tingling after use either.

This was followed by the Açaí Damage-Correcting Moisturizer (75ml rrp €58). Surprisingly non-greasy for its cream-like texture. A pea-sized portion dotted around the face was all that was needed, and with a light massage for application, it absorbed really well. Great coverage and the perfect base for make-up. Slightly fragranced but by no means over-powering, your 'skin is visibly renewed to reveal a smoother and more even complexion'. We're only on day one - so let's check back in a weeks time, eh. And this range is 100% natural in origin too!

Tomorrow we tackle that delicate subject of serums, this one from the same Açaí range and a must-have Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate (prevention better than cure, right?)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Product Review: Kiehl's Shampoo & Conditioner

You can probably imagine my absolute delight when I saw work beginning on the new Kiehl's shop on Avinguda de Jaume III in Palma, Mallorca.
Well, cut to 2 months later and Kiehl's is now open! *rapturous applauds*

And so, to test drive (with great pleasure) the goods. First up we have Amino Acid Shampoo (€17 for 250ml) and Rice & Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse (€21 for 250ml). I called in head 'product development tester' for this treat - Miss Katy Rexstrew, and as 'an everyday hair washer' she was impressed with the results, as no sooner were we out of the store, that the products were lathering in her hair. This is what she reported back: 

Amino Acid Shampoo: 'I squeezed an amount the size of a 20 cent piece (Euro not US) into the palm of my hand, and as the sales rep said, a little goes a long way. Not only did it lather up really well, but my hair felt squeaky clean after.'

Rice & Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse: 'Needed a little more than the shampoo, the texture was not too creamy, there was no residue once rinsed out (big thumbs up) and left hair really soft and not a tangle in sight.'
'Both products were not overly fragranced and you really did get that salon washed feeling. Highly recommended, full marks 10 out of 10. Cute no-fuss packaging too!'
Katy's hair is shoulder length, fair in colour, but products are suitable for a variety of hair types. 

 I shall be trying out my (Afro) hair specific product at a later date, in the meantime tomorrow's review will concentrate on Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Toner and Damage Correcting Moisturiser.....