Monday, June 11, 2012

Neon High!

A trend that is here to stay and climate appropriate (I'm thinking of it being totally in keeping with that of the Algarve) - in other words: the sun really has to be shining. 
I wore it with pride in the 80s, with a lot more caution in the 90s, and a 'if there is an 80s party, what the heck' attitude in the 00s. 

However, in the 10s it has taken on a degree of coolness again. Make-up & nail polish, shoes, accessories and fashion - anything goes. NEVER EVER to be worn all at once (unless you really know what you are doing), instead stick to accents of neon for a gorgeous 'pop' of color. 

The following looks I would happily adopt. And remember fashionistas - neon is not just for Summer, it's for life (to be handed onto the next generation, that is)!


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