Monday, June 4, 2012

My reasons for NOT applying to Big Brother

Apart from the obvious I saw (& heard) an announcement on TV the other day that Big Brother 2012 was about to hit our screens. I went through fear, loathing and that 'I'm a celebrity get me outta here' feeling, at the thoughts of this show being on...AGAIN! Luckily it is on a TV channel that I do not get, so the panic is over!
And in any case, anyone who knows me...well, will know that another valid reason for NOT ever wanting to apply is....that it would be completely & utterly impossible for me to pack and ultimately prepare for such an 'adventure'.
Firstly, luggage: what and how much does one need? 'Limited to one' scares me to the moon and back and is not normal.
This ensemble is cute and ever so fitting though.

Second on the to-do hit list: make up. If I am to wake up in the morning (to florescent lighting and a fog-horn - is that even legal)? looking like this:

WITHOUT the help of make up artist at only THE best runway shows, Pat McGrath

Then, no ifs buts or maybes, I will need to bring the entire armoury

For this next bit I am going to coin a phrase from 'Star Trek' because we are 'going where no man has gone before' and this next dilemma is 'the final frontier'. SHOES & CLOTHING. I'm not going to complicate matters, I'd clearly make it through to the final - so 'whoops here it is': a few of my fave outfits (not necessarily suitable for the show I might add).
For my grand entrance into the house.

 Aded Mahfouz
 John Paul Gaultier
 Matthew Williamson
 Image: Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Roberto Cavalli

What to wear, and!

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