Friday, June 29, 2012

Product Review: Eye Contour Treatment - Night & Day

So, I finally got to try my Germaine de Capuccini Time Expert Eye Contour Treatment (Day). Better late than never, right.

 Apart from the light & luscious texture, instant absorption and easy application, this treatment cream has by far the most beautiful in smell that I have ever experienced and by no means overpowering, on the contrary - it's actually very soothing. How dare Spain and Italy keep this from me? And thank goodness I met beauty therapist, Sofya Rosher at an abcMallorca luncheon at The Hilton one hot and sunny day earlier this month. And as if by telepathy she has the vision to bring along some delicious samples of these beauty products.
I have 'threatened' to visit Sofya for a facial, who not only works out of a salon in Santa Ponsa, but will do custom home visits too.....can you imagine anything more devine? Her wonderful talents are not just confined to facials though, Sofya also does manis, pedis, massage and depilation to name but a few.

How can she top that I hear you ask - well Sofya also uses the Babor product line from Germany which dates back to 1956 and whos success lies in its holistic concept.  And Valmount, the Swiss skin care experts. If you want to fight against the visible signs of skin aging - you have come to the right place and will be in very good hands.

I shall be reviewing these product lines at a later date. For now, the mission if I choose to accept it is to try the 2nd half of my eye treatment (NIGHT). Pearls of wisdom tomorrow  beauties (and I really do mean tomorrow this time!)

Boa noite!

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