Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday MUA Sessions: Christina Cagle

In my next life I shall probably come back as a Make-Up Artist, but for now artists in this creative field are putting out some sizzling hot work. My first glamista, LA-based Christina Cagle, aka 'ChrisspyMakeUp, is not only a good technician, she also posts some super cool You Tube tutorials that make it all look so easy. Practice will make perfect though, as will having the correct tools of the trade, but once mastered all the looks are completely wearable. 

For those of you who aren't on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest......can I assume you at least have a Facebook account? 
Want to know how to do the perfect eyebrow - look her up! A smokey eye (in a number of color combos) - look her up! Clear and easy to follow how-tos on applying liquid eyeliner, winged know what I'm going to say. And there's a whole lot more.

I can apply lipstick & gloss in my sleep...the eyes are where I need the most help!

Source: all images chrissypmakeup

What I shall be using.
The make-up artillery. All that is missing is the bold colored (glitter) shadow.

 Top: Benefit - Lust Duster in Punk Royalty & Nuggent, Christian Dior (622 - Undressed Beige for base)
Benefit - foundation in Teeter Totter (seal eyebrow definition as above), Illamasqua Satin Primer. Essence liquid Ink. Brushes: Models Own, Christian Dior, no name, M.A.C. Revlon Extreme Black Volume Flash Mascara. Eyebrow brush (from any drugstore)

 Shu Uemera Lashes - 79, Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palate: Eyeshadow (Navajo, Vintage & Chocolate Mauve), Blush and Lip color (Dusty Mauve, Mauve & Vintage Mauve) (as shown) Nars Balanced Foundation - Tahiti
Benefit Brow Zings - dark.
I use a pencil in white or brown to make the eyebrow shape, go over the same line in the foundation using a lip pencil brush, blended with a concealor brush. 


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Investigating Interiors: Letter To The Editor

A chic little decor piece that I am loving at the moment is the use of lettering: on walls, on shelves, on desks, in frames, the list is endless.

Whether it is a statement of function clearly defined.

Source: GlamFab 'n' Pretty
Large letters €2.50 each (Palma de Mallorca)


Source: The House of your Dreams

To the sheer simplicity of decoration.

 Source: MadeByGirl

 Source: Alex Berlin Of Things That Sparkle, Photo: Danielle Moss. The Glitter Guide


 Source: WeddingBee

 Source: Dubai Fashionista


 Source: nyclq-focalpoint



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Layer Cake Neck-Candy

 While some statement pieces are best left flying solo.

Occassionally more can be 'way too much.........'

Fast forward to the present day. And this over-cooked 80s layered look is now more 'wearable'.
Some of my favorite pieces

 Source: Dsquared2 Spring 2012

 Source: PebbleLondon

Pictures sourced from Pinterest boards


Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Stylista: Lauren (Katherine) Conrad

Our girl from Laguna Beach/The Hills did good. And there's even a book................................

Images c/o Pinterest boards


Friday, November 23, 2012


This weekend sees the start of the annual 'open-air' fair/market in Lagos (think Father Ted church fete meets Funderland without the budget)...I jest! It's actually pretty good. The problem with outdoor events though is the weather......the prediction is for rain...of course. And rain = mud = fear of muddying the hems of my jeans = I don't have the correct footwear = I've NEVER had the correct footwear! Nor do I plan on buying the correct footwear.

'If you plan on coming along Candy, you'll probably need to wear Wellington boots.' Said one friend. Are you familiar with the sound of someone almost choking on a tasty well-known branded beverage? And that was not the only thing to stop me in my tracks. With hand on hip, and a 'oh-no-you-di'nt' wagging of my finger, I reply....'Do I look like the kind of girl to own a pair of Wellies?' I am however no stranger to the lingo.

The modern day Wellie however, has, from what I can gather, become quite fashionable. I am forced to reconsider.

Regent Grosvenor Embellished 

Hunter Original

Hunter Jimmy Choo Crocodile print

Burberry style

Buckled Wellington Calf Boots

 Tory Burch

Däv Thatcher
 How to pull the whole look together

 Source: whaletails-stripedsails


Note the obvious lack of rain and mud in these images