Monday, November 5, 2012

Luxury Christmas on a Budget

Now that Hallowe'en is over I can officially start dreaming of a white (with a seasonal touch of pink) Christmas. First up, the tree. There are many factors that will determine what will eventually be the rooms focal point. Size, real/artifical, pre-lit (or not), pull out of a box or the real deal? Most importantly though, the price. I want luxury, but I don't want to pay the earth...and if I'm being honest I don't want to spend my every waking hour sweeping up pines either. *thinking out loud* So I guess that rules out a real tree!

To wet the appetite and to get an idea of 'what is out there' I search the worldwide web. Hayes Garden World caught my eye. And not just limited to garden attire. I fast-tracked onto the Christmas shop; with a list too long to mention - it really has all the criteria that you are looking for. My chosen 'subject' of desire - Luxury Artifical Tree. Prices start at £39.99 for your 3ft tree (great idea for a table-top display) and go up to £949.99 for a 12ft'er (think grand entrance-way or oversized living room) and with 111 products to choose from, if I DON'T see what I'm looking for then I may as well give up the search. They're based in Cumbria so if you're not in the lo-cal or within driving distance, you can order on-line. And if like me, you're not even in the country, use it as a on-line guide.

For details check out their website, sub-category as listed below for the full range of (artificial) Christmas trees on offer

With the tree 'selected', my thoughts turn to tinsel, lights, baubles, tablescapes and a cute little tree topper. It's got to be glamorous, it's got to be fabulous and it's got to be pretty....but you know that about me, right!

Bobbing for Baubles: I think these are all that and more.

                                                                    Images c/o Pinterest boards and Google


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