Friday, November 23, 2012


This weekend sees the start of the annual 'open-air' fair/market in Lagos (think Father Ted church fete meets Funderland without the budget)...I jest! It's actually pretty good. The problem with outdoor events though is the weather......the prediction is for rain...of course. And rain = mud = fear of muddying the hems of my jeans = I don't have the correct footwear = I've NEVER had the correct footwear! Nor do I plan on buying the correct footwear.

'If you plan on coming along Candy, you'll probably need to wear Wellington boots.' Said one friend. Are you familiar with the sound of someone almost choking on a tasty well-known branded beverage? And that was not the only thing to stop me in my tracks. With hand on hip, and a 'oh-no-you-di'nt' wagging of my finger, I reply....'Do I look like the kind of girl to own a pair of Wellies?' I am however no stranger to the lingo.

The modern day Wellie however, has, from what I can gather, become quite fashionable. I am forced to reconsider.

Regent Grosvenor Embellished 

Hunter Original

Hunter Jimmy Choo Crocodile print

Burberry style

Buckled Wellington Calf Boots

 Tory Burch

Däv Thatcher
 How to pull the whole look together

 Source: whaletails-stripedsails


Note the obvious lack of rain and mud in these images

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