Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tried & Tested Series: Dental Cotton Rolls

Now that I am living a life less ordinary, it is without doubt also far less extravagant. The same however, cannot be said for my beauty regime - which, as of late has been 'pimped'! You'll have heard me name-drop brands like REN, Essie, Kiehl's, Rituals and so on. But behind every A-list beauty roll call is a bargainista fighting to get out. 

I read lots of tutorials about how to put make-up on, but what about the sometimes arduous task of taking it all off! Especially on the eye area. And what better model to test what I am about to reveal: the smokey eye with glitter, and a rich pigment shadow complete with false lashes and liquid eye-liner.
MAC Book Pro & Mont Blanc pens at the ready ladies - my fashionable BFF, Kellie M, has saved me (on more than one occasion this past month) from Beauty Room 101. 1. Put your cotton-wool pads to one side, for now...I give you peoples exhibit A - Dental Cotton Rolls.