Monday, November 19, 2012

Pimped Up Arm Candy

It's no secret that I am a magpie when it comes to a sparkly & shiny accessory. And over the years (it's really only a year...ssshhhh), I have collected,  like a hunter gatherer, some pretty cool bargainista bling. But with so much 'blingage' and with not enough days in the month to showcase it all, I've happened upon the latest trend of stacking your arm candy. is now (and probably always was) OK to wear your armoury all at once!

More is DEFINITELY better & ever so merrier. 

Some insane designer stacking for those who aren't shy about having it all out on display.

The affordable bits.........................

Top left: Outdoor market (Lagos, Portugal) €3 each Top Right: Cocoshells (Luz & Lagos) €6 each
Bottom Left: (back) H & M - €5, Mirtilo (silver & pearl) €10, Pennys (Primark) pearl set of 4, 3 shown €5 Bottom Right: Indian bracelet set, not all shown (Riz Asiana) €8

Images c/o: Pinterest boards, iPhone4. Collage using Picture2Life

Bracelet stack: (gold, silver & copper colored bracelets) Loja de Chinês/Chinese Shop - €2.50 each
Mirtilo (silver & pearl) as seen above

Mix and match colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Don't over-think it, anything goes!  And teamed with a cute clutch and out of this world, you are good to go!

Next week on the bargainista trail I look at re-creating a similar look with necklaces.


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