Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest Time Management

Super cool 'friends' at Snap. Creativity at Your Fingertips via Key Lime Digital Designs have been a wealth of information to me this week. Not least in bringing me up to speed on ways to primp and polish my blog and help me manage those all important social media platforms that I have committed myself to.

Pingraphy was created to enable serious pinners to 'schedule your pins on Pinterest'. You gotta log in with your Pinterest account to connect. Once in, you can a) Upload pins in bulk b) schedule pins c) Metrics - track likes, pins, clicks and reach for each pin, discover your top performing boards and campaigns and d) find influential users among your followers, and help you understand what our followers like so that you can customize your content. Pretty sweet, huh. I shall be connecting later in the week...I'm too busy pinning.

So, here's how Pinterest will work for you if like me, you say to yourself...I'll just log-in, I WON'T (can't) spend too much time on this....I'll just see who and what has come up in my follower timeline....BIG MISTAKE! Actually, more like HUGE!

If you are lucky enough to be following some super-hot people who NEVER seem to stick up a pin that you are NOT interested in...then by the time you have scrolled down a mere millimetre on your diamante mouse...you will find yourself re-pinning/liking/checking out the boards of the original pinner/s (cuz you can be sure that if you like the pin enough to re-pin it,  that person and person before that is going to have some of the same interests  as you. Can you really afford to NOT delve deeper? I'm going to save you some time. You can't! End of)!  And for this the 'Pinterest trail can go a LONG WAY back! *cue the dream sequence* 

You find yourself (if you're lucky) an hour later still re-pinning and sitting (one should never stand and pin) but with shoulders now hunched over...OK, one last pin, you say to yourself.....The famous last words. I stop when my eyes start to hurt from the repetitive strain and REM. *cue the proverbial wild horses* because short of actually going blind they are the only things that can tear me away. 

And don't you just love the 'Scroll To Top' button - I hit it (reluctantly) it's a long way up to the 'log out' icon...the US have voted in a President for his second term while I have been pinning...you get the picture, right.

When I first blogged about my Pinterest exploits I was a freshman. Now I can boast of being several rungs up the ladder to a position nothing short of royalty because I am now being 'invited' onto OTHER peoples boards to pin. I lost the run of myself initially and accepted these invites without thinking of the...let's call them consequences. It is pressure enough to pin to my own boards, now I have been seduced! I accepted with gay abandonment. To this day I still do not know what possessed me to think that I could make a significant impact to a board called 'Doors & Windows'. The first rule of pin-club.......

Pinning at least 2 pictures per day onto these invited boards puts the fear in me, because repeat pinning onto the SAME board, while not a crime is a sure sign that one is addicted, and for this there is no cure...you feel shamed when you've discovered you've done it on your OWN boards (something you CANNOT avoid though, I'm afraid). 

I've since been uninvited from the above board, and a few others for not fulfilling my simple pin a day duties. The relief is immense. And as a lesson I have to kill myself with kindness and now decline further invites. Although how I have managed to be a pinner on 4 footwear boards, including one of  my own (if the shoe fits, isn't that what they say)......My name is Candy, and I am a Pinaholic. But.....

Happy Pinning!

Images have been sourced through (no surprises) Pinterest boards.

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