Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Prêt-à-Porter

Fashion and style should not be confined to the runway, high-street or sashaying down 5th Ave. Our fashionista sports men and women show us how its done...with a little help from the catwalk royalty of Ralph Lauren for Team USA, Stella McCartney Team GB & Armani for Team Italy

How to take it from track to fashionable sports fan chic


Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Prom Season

Inspiration comes in many forms. I happened to be chin wagging with a BFF, and ding...I had a lightbulb moment. BFF's beautiful twin daughters (and my god-daughters) were days away from their end of year prom.
In my day they were called 'school discos' and when I progressed to Uni-age 'Freshers Balls'. Well, move over ra-ra and puff-ball skirts (not even I in my 1980s fantastic-ness made these two items of clothing look 'hip' n 'cool'. At the time, I of course was the 'bomb'!)

Marchesa Fall 2012

 The young ladies of today are dripping with style. And no self-respecting teen would dare attend such a prestigious event without the full pre-gown prep - which incidently is somewhat mandatory. So, my two beauties were whisked off to M.A.C for makeup - nothing too heavy or over the top, remembering the words and own personal mantra of Coco Chanel 'a girl must be 2 things: classy and fabulous'  Hair - check. Mani & Pedi - check, check! The all important accessories - triple check!

So, to a few of my fave gowns - welllllllll....if it's good enough for the red carpet, and believe me, from the excitement that filled the room in anticipation of the onward party, prom night was to rival that of the Oscars and Golden Globes!

 Elie Saab, 2008


 Fairytale princesses. Brava meninas!