Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Fitness Fever...

I come across some really cool images every day on Pinterest. For those of you who haven't yet subscribed (or been invited onto) this TOTALLY AMAZING social networking platform here's a sneaky peaky at what has me hooked for considerably more hours in the day than I care to mention.

 Kettle-bells, body-weight and a whole lotta cardio tonight at The Shinobi Academy

See you on the mats! We start tonight at 19h00!



  1. I'm all for fitness and healthy bodies but when women start to get too muscly, they begin to lose their femininity a bit.
    Some of those pictures are beautiful though... and a good source of inspiration!

  2. Ah Suzy, I know what you mean. It can get a bit out of hand alright. One of the images is of me when I was a Figure competitor...I was a wee one though. Fun times!

  3. Really?? WOW!! I want to know which one!! xx

  4. former life as a gym bunny. It's the picture labelled Miss Ireland 2004 NABBA, I had won my first show (different Federation) the year before. The original hangs over my desk..xx