Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A d R for H & M

 Revealed over a month ago, and available (sadly not in the Algarve) since the start of October, Anna dello Russo, H & M's latest 'designer'/creative consultant/Vogue Editor-at-Large collaboration, has put a 'ghetto-bling' stamp on the newest of their accessories collections.

The usual queues formed outside the selected stores long before the early bird had caught his worm. A time limit was out put on each and every shopper as was a wrist band making even the most seasoned of fashionistas feel a tad under pressure. When did shopping become SO stressful!


Was it worth the wait? I shall let you decide. It got mixed (general public) reviews. I would not have said 'no' to the luggage or clutch bags as pictured above though. But hey, you're not going to please everyone, Anna.

Next co-lab: Maison Martin Margiela 

Imagens cortesia: Vogue Portugal & Google Images


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