Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Powder Bubble Boy Series: ......Rylan Clark

He's got his haters, and a substantial amount of people who love him (X Factor telephone voters to name but a few). Through to another week of live shows I am waiting on baited breath for the next fashion/unfashion statement.

But for now, a look at what has gone by so far.

But let's not forget where and how it all began.



  1. Clearly he's a nice guy but he can't sing! It bugs me that people with real talent are booted off and he gets to stay. The show is supposed to be about musical talent! Every year they have one, don't they? Wagner, Xico... grrrrr

  2. Ah Suzy, I know! I think it's part of the format though...I feel sorry for next years gimmick victim x