Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 1: ModaLisboa Pulse

Source: You Tube - Pulse ModaLisboa promo

 I was (sadly) unable to 'get my hands on' a much coverted ticket to the 2012 Pulse ModaLisboa Fashion Week. So all I can do for now is follow ANY footage on-line and quiz buddy and fellow fashionista Gregorio from Portugual Confidential-Everything Cool in Portugal about what he saw & heard and 'do not spare any details Greg! I am waiting on the proverbial baited!'

Calendário de desfiles:

5ª FEIRA | 11 DE OUTUBRO 2012

19h00 Ricardo Preto

Who better start the show on the runway than Ricardo Preto. An architecture graduate from Lusiada University in Lisbon and an apprentice of mestre Maria Emilia Sobreira, Ricardo then continued to  'master his trade' by attending a Handbag workshop at the prestigious St Martins School of Arts, London.
The showing collection has been described as having long silhouettes, with geometric and sharp contours. Collection colors: red, white, green and orange.

 20h00 White Tent

 The stylish vision of Evgenia Tabakova & Pedro Noronha-Feio. Russian-Portuguese by decent this pair are graduates of Central St Martins and The London College of Fashion respectively. Now in their 6th year of showing at Lisbon Fashion Week - White Tent fashion creations can be found in Lisbon and London. Not just about the fashion but the environment too - Evgenia and Pedro are working towards making White Tent a sustainable practices brand. Their current collection takes inspiration from the not long departed 2012 London Olympic Games. Collection colors: green, fluorescent yellow, coral, burgandy, gray-blue, beige, white & blue.

22h00 Filipe Faísca

A graduate of I.A.D.E in Lisbon in 1989. He was chosen to the selection for Mediterranean Europe's Young Creative Biennale, in Valency. After that he debuted his first ModaLisboa collection S/S 91. A brief hiatus away from the event saw him return for the 27th edition. With many accolades and collaborations since then, Filipe's current collection has been described as 'O limite do clássico'. Collection materials: Georgette, double crepe, silk jersey, viscose jersey, leather and muslin.
Images and insider musings to follow in next edition


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