Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend Round-Up at ModaLisboa Pulse

From the comfort of my work space the weekend's trip down the runway seemed to get better and better. First up Valentim Quaresma. Am interested to see how this would translate into everyday wear - but you know, I'm not sure I care because I love it! There was something architectural about the collection. Sharp and definite lines that had a 'look but don't touch' feel about it. And the men were not forgotten either. A little too 'daring' for my other half, but I for one can think of many a Summer club party that I would wear one or two of the pieces too. Watch out party goers, I'm comin' to getcha!

ModaLisboa Pulse - Sábado/Saturday: Valentim - Adidas

Valentim Quaresma

Ricardo Andrez

For the 'boy' who is not afraid to express his 'out of the box' style. Ricardo gives us a 'casual Friday verging on the sporty' collection that is a far cry from the suit & tie man in your life. This look is bound to create a head turning 'you can hear a pin drop' reaction. And I say bravo! Shaved legs are of course optional.

 Still courtesy of Daily Moda Lisboa using Picture2Life

Ricardo Dourado

 CIA. Marítima 

Lifestyle de Mulher Brasileira/Lifestyle of the Brasilian woman says it all really. I have no words for how amaze this collection is. Colorful, figure revealing (in most cases), and if you don't live in a climate like our sunny Algarve, you will be wishing your life away for next Summer to hurry itself along.

Lidija Kolovrat

Ooooooh Lidija, I salute you! 

Nuno Baltazar


2 words: Loved it! 3 words: In my element!

All stills courtesy of ModaLisboa blog

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