Monday, November 14, 2011

Apple.....One of My 5 a Day Taglines?

I got an email  from Apple today, titled: 'The Gifts They'll Love All Year Long' telling me about the 5 members of the 'i' family - I have my heart set on no.3 on the list..a white iPhone 4S,  - which if I happen to get my hands on one, I, according to Apple, 'have a lot to be thankful for' (flicking frantically through my IT jargon to English dictionary).....A5 chip, all-new camera, IOS 5 and iCloud - well 2 out of the 4 I understand!

And like any fashionista worth her salt, building an entire look around one must-have item, the iPhone is not complete without it's slim 'big sister' the MacBook Air - which (and how could you not want one after this) has 'less to wrap, and more to love'. I must remember that in my note to Santa under, explain in 10 words or less why you deserve....

But my favorite, even though it is not on my wish list, goes to the iPad2 as 'it's an entire gift list in one gift'..try saying that after a few seasonal red Port and Lemons. I am remaining loyal to my first generation iPod Touch though, and not because it is 'the most fun you can fit in a stocking'  oh no, it is because it has never let me down (well, once when I upgraded the IOS, see I'm getting the hang of this) and with only 8G of memory, bought in the Apple Store in NYC it suits me just fine. Little technology baby steps!

And if down the line I decide to 'bring joy to my widescreen' I shall be sure to look into the Apple TV!


  1. I totally agree. Everything about the apple products are just divine. What did we do before our iphones and macbooks??

  2. Lol! I know! I'm not sure anything existed pre-Apple! xo