Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tech...NO...logy. A Girlie Guide to.......

All that glitters is definitely not gold! But if it has been crystal-iced and is a pretty color, fits neatly into my handbag, and I can easily find the on/off button, and don't have to worry about specifications, RAM, GB, battery power (the latter being the easiest to understand) then...*banging of gravel* sold to the lady in the Oakleys! By this I refer to laptops, desktops, iMacs, iPods...and to a lesser extend cell phones. Read the instructions! Honey, please *rolling eyes to heaven* and a *oh no you di'nt* finger shake........reading is reserved for such pleasures as Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle & The Gloss magazines and the latest Tasmina Perry novel........enter stage right *himself* aka my technology expert. Remember the Wednesday mantra? Well I love ooohhing, and aahhing and running my fingers along the smooth lines of fancy objects, and picking out girlie colors, everything else is far too complicated and time consuming, no matter how much I practice/learn how to figure it all out!

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