Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In A New York Minute

It is no secret that I am more than CRAZY about NYC. Two trips were not enough..yes, we hit the Apple store, Macy's, A & F, Tiffany's (we opted for breakfast somewhere else though), The Rock, Victoria's Secret, Times Square at 'jet-lag can't sleep' o'clock in the morning, Grand Central, Central Park. We did Chinatown and Little Italy (Manhattan's, not the Bronx),  'boho' in SoHo, clubbing in the Meatpacking District and even trained at NYCs Straight Blast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA gym (himself not me)......but like every fabtastic city there is soooo much that is yet to be discovered.  All strictly above ground though (the hidden tunnels and un-used subway tracks do not hold much hope of being discovered by me). And so, how many return visits do I need? Can I answer that after the next 10 please?

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