Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hair...and Ironing Out The Kinks

Our crowning glory. We style, straighten, blow-dry, color (yea...I'm Americanising the spelling), cut, dare I say ..SHAVE, pluck (OK it's our eyebrows but close enough to the head), and back in the 80s we 'jerry-curled', permed and crimped. Our bathroom cabinets are weighed down with products, but (and it's a good but)...look no further......KeraStraight has arrived!....to my fave beauty salon here in the Algarve... Jayne Jackson in Boliqueime, so good she named the salon after herself. A little gem of a place - do you remember the TV show 'The Swan'? The transformations are a bit like that only without the icky surgery and teeth pulling. Roll credits please! Have I banished the relaxing cream to the rubbish can? Not exactly! (Old habits are dying VERY hard). But I am convinced by the super straight results of this Brazilian hair repair and straightening system. Prices from €150 so I'm thinking it's time to start compiling my Crimbo list. I have a direct line through to Santa this year..who also goes by the affectionate name of 'him indoors'. *raising a well groomed eye-brow(s)* also by the lovely Jayne and *a flutter of some luscious lashes* always does the trick!


  1. My work colleague had this done. After a work out....perfectly straight hair!!!

  2. I know! The results are great eh! Can't wait to try it myself and banish the relaxer creme!

  3. alot of salons that offer relaxers are now suggesting this! Mine and Kasey's is! the only thing offputting is the price tho! What's Santa's email address please?? Love the site!x