Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Food...but Only If Someone Else Is Cooking

 And now to a subject that is not fashion related at all...but, this next item has style (courtesy of Teresa Azevedo Coutinho Interior Design) and comfort 2nd word food (courtesy of the best smokers in the Algarve), John (JK, the smoker) and Sue (the 'behind every man there is a good woman') aka Mr & Mrs Ketley. I need to throw in the phrase 'would you like to try some of my husbands smoked nuts?' but will come back to that 'tasty' topic at a much later date!
So, eating it, but sadly, as much as I fancy the thought, I am no Nigella, my adventures in the kitchen begin and end at washing up, it is not, I repeat not my domain! Many a perfect manicure has been ruined peeling spuds! So what is one to do? Hubby to cook? Well... he loves it, and *referring to the Wednesday mantra* the things you love. Failing that we toddle off to The Smokehouse Cafe & Deli - well we would, but they are relocating to a brand new abode and will re-open soon. Personal faves on le menu include bagels & gourmet sandwiches, deli boards, all day breakfast, the smoked and battered fish and meaty bits, Caesar salads, and of course the desserts and liquid 'accessories' That's the entire menu I hear you cry......I rest my case!
If you happen to visit, tell the K's I sent you, and if I'm there at the same time, raise a'll no doubt find me 'out the back' washing up in payment for my supper!


  1. Why Thank you lovely lady!! Keep watching for news of our super new location....

  2. I will SuzieBear. I'll need a follow up blog as and when too xox