Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Bag, Little Bag, Clutch or Purse......

To be fair it doesn't really matter as whatever the size or shape, there is always the tendency to pack as much into it as possible and still not have enough room for everything, once the important must-have items are in there, that is (cell phone, keys (home & car), nail file (yes...essential), lip gloss, business cards, sunglasses).
And unlike some size definitely does NOT fit all! Style (as I have already said once this week) must never be sacrificed, even though functionality often is - unless your bag of choice is a rucksack,  and I'm leaving that particular subject well alone!
And for the record, I am not keen on the bag matching the shoes or a belt or god forbid a particular shade of eyeshadow!
So to pay homeage to those who have got it just right, a few of my fave bags and bag owners....

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