Friday, November 4, 2011

Fitness and The Body Beautiful

Eating porridge, egg whites, boiled chicken, sweet potatoes, tuna (fresh) and as much green veg as you can stomach for 12 weeks is not my idea of fun, but, if it produces a physique like this at my first Irish national win circa 2003 (oh and did I forget to mention hours in the gym)......then it's all worth it!

My days of pumping iron are (opposite of sadly) well and truely over. Now I prefer to burn a few calories down at The Shinobi Academy above Praia Dona Ana in Lagos, Portugal. It's not all frolicking and building castles in the sand though.....Master Colin works our butts off with several rounds of skipping (I lose energy and the will to live after the first), followed by a healthy round of shadow boxing, then hand and feet combinations (pink gloves, white shin must look the part y'know!) And if like me you are dying to just keep going (I jest)....20 reps of abs....EACH and in a busy class of 20...well you do the math...I'm exhausted!

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