Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Trending: Ombre - Hair

With the new year a matter of weeks away, a lot of us are (possibly) thinking about making a few changes. In the top 3 of easiest things to alter is our hair style/color.

Can't decide between a couple of shades? Torn between two in particular (within the same color palate I would hope)? Well, to solve this little dilemma, I give you ombre.....and while I am not suggesting you go as bold as this....unless you are a ringer for Miss Jessie J, as really only a few of us can pull this uber dram look off and the corporate world may not be quite ready for this fabulous shocker.

Instead why not opt for a more subtle color, that will turn heads...if you have long hair.................

And equally as cute if you have shorter locks.................

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