Monday, December 17, 2012

Manicure Monday.....

With the Twitter handle 'blingblingsugar' - it should come as no surprise that I am obsessed with the sparkle and the glitter. And no amount of either is ever too much. I thought I had seen it all. Until....................

I stumbled upon THE world's most expensive 'Diamond Manicure' by Cherish....ME. Known in the trade as an 'ice manicure' this beauty nail treatment includes an arrangement of exclusively cut diamonds. Oh and by the way, these little gems are 10-carat? You did read that correctly! This next part goes without saying but I'm going to 'say it' anyway - worried about this mani being anything less than perfect the moment you leave the salon and re-start your daily chores? The experienced Cherish team provide a complimentary maintenance and diamond removal service too. A contact that is sure to be number 1 on the speed dial!

And at a price tag of 51,000 (yea, you read that right too!) your precious stones do not disappear forever with the swipe of nail polish remover on a cotton pad. For the most bespoke part of this whole experience, the diamonds are retrieved, to create a unique and priceless piece of jewellery. They have thought of everything.

Fancy treating yourself? The team will travel worldwide. And the diamonds have been sourced legitimately and in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions and the Kimberly process of certification.

So, if bling is your thing, but not at that hefty price....some (affordable) favorites that won't break the bank.

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