Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Me

While some are planning to decorate, wardrobe de-clutter, be kinder to people or start to stand up for themselves, and all the other usual resolutions, I am embarking on the age old New Year 'chestnut' called a diet. Although I hate that word with a passion...needs must and it is time to examine my eating habits carefully. Cause and effect, and everything in moderation. 

 Eggs, spinach, onions, tomatoes (not shown)

Healthy source of low fat protein

Years of bodybuilding diets, weighing my food, cutting carbs (aka carb-depletion), increasing and decreasing water intake, hours of my life in the gym pumping iron and running around the world twice on the treadmill (well it felt like it) has taught me a thing or two....mainly that forcing your body into this crazy state of deprivation, will infact, make you crazy! But it has also taught me to listen to my body...yes, I eat bread and all the other delicious carbs...but are they good for me? Not really. So I am embarking on something called The Dolce Diet, adapted of course, I am after all NOT a 200lb man! And so, I plan to 'live lean'.

 Fitness outfit c/o Brazil Body Sportswear - 2004 Collection

My life will, for the foreseeable future consist of exercise, healthy eating (fresh ingredients - 1, processed food - zero), homemade protein bars as snacks, cutting out simple carbs and drinking more water and green tea!

 Happy Healthy Eating xoxo

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