Monday, January 30, 2012

My Monday Mission............

Is to Winter wardrobe (Summer is so much easier), and my shoe collection. Reading that back, using the word collection makes what I have sound very doesn't rival Tamara Mellon's or Kimora Lee Simmons', but I do have a lot of shoes/boots/flipflops (that item doesn't really count) and Nike runners! Where do I house them? The team is split between lower ground storage room affectionately called 'the lock-up', and first floor corner of the hallway, which doesn't have an affectionate name, except from time to time I glance in it's general direction and frown the words 'you deserve better than this!'

So, and this may well be a mission impossible, it's time to sort (leaving some things in 'the lock-up', things I don't wear that often or even at all), arrange, and stow away! My dreams are below, the reality I fear will be far less extravagent.

The ultimate wardrobe/closet, and if it's good enough for Miss Carrie Bradshaw......


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