Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Cure & The Cause

I need to be 'heeled'. And why? Well, ever since this man came into my life..................

Said life has not been the same. Runners and flipflops, collectively known as 'flats' have...well, taken a backseat.  A trip, (and by trip I mean walk) to the local café, a mere 2 minutes door-to-door can seem like an age away in the glamorously incorrect footwear.

But it's only a suitable 'below the ankle accessory' if the ground on which I tread is even and smooth. Y'see, I now live in a world paved with calçadas. Pretty, right? Wrong! And not always as smooth as butter either! It is a nightmare for my killer heels.

 So, what's a gal to do?

Heavens no!...although I am surprisingly calm. Plan B has been swung swiftly into action. Feast your eyes fashionistas......some of my faves................



  1. Totally in love with all of those wedges!! xx

  2. Hey Suzy,I know! They are fab aren't they.....just added a new image to the top - my faves at the mo'..xo