Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Million Dollar Mani.....

Well not quite.....but you'll not get much change out of a cool mill (not if you shop n pamper the way I do, that is!)

I feel like we have come full circle on this one. My very first blog post was about a new trend in nail painting. Now, thanks to my good friend and stylista, Greg from Portugal Confidential and Portugal LOL, my blinged-up attention has been steered in the direction of.....Azature's Black Diamond Nail Lacquer. Feast your eyes and prepare to marvel.....

And my exact hand posture (nails noticeably un-mani'ed in my version) as I...to coin a phrase and in best newspaper-seller voice 'read all about it'.

Lovely, nice coverage, cute bottle you may say. What's all the fuss about? Allow me to continue...are you sitting down? Hollywood based jewelry couturier to the stars, Azature has produced a nail lacquer containing 267 carats of black diamonds, how nice of him! I am getting that tingly feeling......but luxury this immense comes at a price with a capitol P! If you have a cool quarter of a mill ($250k) lying around doing nothing, may I suggest a mani like no other? And if Azature wants to 'showcase this style in nails' I am not going to argue. 

For those who do not want to re-mortgage the humble abode to afford this extravagence, a department store version (complete with one real black diamond in every bottle) is available at an even cooler $25.

The Black Diamond King - Azature

And a manicure should never be allowed to bask in the glory alone. You've got change for those all important accessories, right?


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  1. HOLY CRAP! That's one seriously expensive nail polish! It is pretty though... I mean, like really, very pretty :)