Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rain On My Parade

It came as a complete shock to me when 2 nights ago, to coin a phrase 'the heavens opened' and (large) droplets of wet fell out of the sky. Literally one minute dry and 0.5 seconds later....down-pour!

Surprisingly unprepared for this sudden change in the 'sunny' Algarve's weather front...I mean I did come from Ireland after all, where rain is not a stranger to any of us in the land of luscious greenness! But having re-located to a part of the world, where let’s face it...we don't get much of it, and I have become un-accustomed to it on Portugal’s 'Riviera'.

Well, it's going to last for a day or two...gray skies, clouds, and if I am to believe my iWeather app, it should actually be raining as I write. Not quite a chilly spell but nevertheless I have to be practical and always adorable. Time to assemble my rainy-day kit!

1. Umbrella/guarde-chuva

2. Appropriate footwear & necessary accessories/calçados apropriado

3. Raincoat & hat/impermeável e chapéu

 4. A spare....just in case it should suddenly brighten up

5. Shades, fabulous necklace, and a cute little belted number, just because........

Anyone care to join me for um café?


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