Monday, May 21, 2012

Show Stopper...Broadway comes to Mallorca

So last Thursday, we (Katy & I) had the pleasure of seeing GloboBalear's show stopping 'Come Fly With Me' in Sol de Mallorca's Grand Casino, which proved to be every bit the 'magical mix of acrobatics, swing music and dance'. 

As we settled into our sofa in the Diamond Club seating area, our lovely host, Ayesha Wood from Radio One Mallorca's breakfast show, wasted no time in preparing us for this treat ..'wait until you see the set' she said, 'the stage is really big, and it goes back a good few feet'. 

Her words went in one ear, out the other and then back in again as we gawped, jaws hitting the plush carpeted floor when the curtains came up. We soon forgot about our drinks and pop-corn..our eyes never leaving the spectacular sight before us.

And the fashion weren't half bad either....stylistas...I give you the show preview. If you are in Mallorca between now and October - gotta get yourself along to see this. I (believe it or not) have no words to describe how utterly fantastic the show actually is.


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