Friday, October 28, 2011

The Modern Day Manicure

Twice this week I have come across what can only be described as pure genius, and by that I refer to the 'matte black' french manicure. As a nail-techy with an eye for keeping things current, I plan to 'subject' (in the best possible way) some of my clients to this new wave of fabulosity. Feast your eyes at the image above. Soon to be available (along with Essie - my personal favorite nail brand) at Estrela Health & Beauty in Praia da Luz.


  1. OMG love the mani!! Thanks for the follow! Will be following back...

  2. Thanks Sharon. Love your blog too, I'm following your fan page on Facebook your imagery xo

  3. I truely love this manicure!! I think you need to do us all a favour and actually source the materials needed for this - BIG TIME. Abso loving the site, babe!x